Minimize Active Microwave Instrumentation (AMI) Wave (UWA)
Power spectrum in polar coordinates. The power spectrum is based on a sample of data covering an area of at least 5 x 5 km. The instrument on the satellite collects data at intervals of approximately 200 to 300 km. The sample patch may be anywhere in the 100-km wide swath in the order of 2 km steps. Input for this product can be OBRC or OGRC data. 
Cyclic Reports
The available reports summarise the results of the investigations made for the ERS-2 SAR instrument on cycle basis. The analysis has been made using data for both High-Rate Image data (RAW, IMP, IMG, IMS & IMM products), Low-Rate Wave data (UWA and UWAND) and internal calibration QCP products.
  • The cyclic reports give information on:
  • Instrument Status (unavailabilities, disclaimers & operations)
  • Internal calibration for Image and Wave modes
  • Image Quality
  • Radiometric stability
  • Noise equivalent radar cross-section
  • Doppler monitoring
  • Auxiliary Files 
Minimize Cyclic Reports