Minimize Active Microwave Instrumentation (AMI) Wave noise stat. & drift calibration (UWAND)
Mean magnitude and standard deviation of the noise data, as well as four calibration pulses, extracted at the beginning of a measurement sequence (= scene). It should be mentioned that even when the orbit propagator returns an error code, the raw data are extracted. So within the product the orbit data may be wrong.
Cyclic Reports
The available reports summarise the results of the investigations made for the ERS-2 SAR instrument on cycle basis. The analysis has been made using data for both High-Rate Image data (RAW, IMP, IMG, IMS & IMM products), Low-Rate Wave data (UWA and UWAND) and internal calibration QCP products.
The cyclic reports give information on:
  • Instrument Status (unavailabilities, disclaimers & operations)
  • Internal calibration for Image and Wave modes
  • Image Quality
  • Radiometric stability
  • Noise equivalent radar cross-section
  • Doppler monitoring
  • Auxiliary Files 
Minimize Cyclic Reports