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Extracted General and Instrument Header products represent raw data over specific areas and are used either for instrument calibration and monitoring, e.g. pass over an active transponder, or for archiving of extracted and transcribed raw data at the PAFs. These products were for ESA internal use only. They were not intended to be distributed outside the ESA environment.

The following extracted data products are defined: AMI Image Instrument Headers (EII), AMI Wave Instrument Headers (EWAI), AMI Wind Instrument Headers (EWII), Radar Altimeter Instrument Headers (ERAI), ATSR-1 Instrument Headers (EATI1), ATSR-2 Instrument Headers (EATI2), GOME Instrument Headers (EGOI), General Headers (EGH)

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The GOME Weekly Report was interrupted in September 2006 as the information is fully available in the Monthly Reports until the end of the mission (5 September 2011). A brief description of terms used in the GOME Weekly and Monthly Reports are given below:

- Nominal daily operations: dark current measurements, nominal scanning, polar view, sun calibration sequence (including specific dark current measurements and calibration lamp measurements - start time for sun calibration refers to the sun calibration measurements performed during this sequence), dump of the on-board software - were performed

- Monthly calibration sequence: 2 orbits in nadir static view and 5 calibration orbits (nominally on the 28th of each month) including specific dark current measurements, diffuser characterisation measurements, LED measurements, calibration lamp measurements were performed

- Moon calibration: moon measurements were performed

- Anomalies: single event upsets (SEU), list of datagaps according to ESOC unavailability reports, cooler switchings, timeline interruptions, others