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DORIS has two level 0 products, the Doppler Level 0 and the Navigator Level 0.

The DORIS Navigator Level 0 Product is a file containing time ordered AISPs which are output from the on-board DORIS Navigator software. This product provides the first estimate of satellite positioning available from the DORIS sensor. No further processing is applied to the Level 0 Navigator Product.

The DORIS Doppler Level 0 Product contains time ordered AISPs which hold the raw Doppler shift measurements of the instrument. These measurements are the basis of all further DORIS processing which is performed to produce the preliminary and precise orbit estimates. 

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These pages provided information on the status of the ENVISAT Radar Altimeter, Microwave Radiometer and DORIS sensors, on the data quality of the corresponding Fast Delivery products as well as on the main events affecting the mission quality. Updated information was available in the Daily Reports and Cyclic Reports below.

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