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The activities of cyclone tracking have been interrupted at the end of September 2001.

The data used for these cyclone tracking activities are ERS2 Fast Delivery scatterometer data. ERS2 satellite was in orbit since April 1995 and decommissioned in 2011.

From the Fast Delivery products, the following information is extracted and provided to the users though this page:

- wind field (speed and direction, text format) --> after post-processing applied

- scatterometer data (binary format) --> after post-processing applied. Format description is detailed here

- geolocalization of cyclone centre, maximum wind speed --> after post-processing applied

- contour of wind speeds (image) --> after post-processing applied- backscatter of the cyclone (image) --> original from products

The cyclones were detected from data automatically and were put on the web after some quality checks. (The data were processed every 6 hours).

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