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AATSR Quality and Classification Flags

The purpose of this document is to provide users with information on quality and classification (i.e. cloud and surface) flags contained within (A)ATSR Level 1B and Level 2 products generated by the 3rd (A)ATSR Reprocessing, and within (A)ATSR Level 1B products generated by the 4th (A)ATSR Reprocessing.

IDEAS+-VEG-OQC-MEM-2950_ATSR v3.0.1_Reprocessing_QC_Results_v1.0.pdf

This memorandum documents the results of the systematic and visual Quality Control (QC) checks that were performed, by the (A)ATSR IDEAS+ QC team, on the ATSR (ATSR-1 and ATSR-2 only, Envisat product format) v3.0.1 Reprocessing dataset.

ATSR-1 Pick-up Noise

This User Note gives a basic characterisation of the pick-up noise evident in some ATSR-1 products, and explains if using this data affects sea surface temperature (SST) values generated from the brightness temperature measurements

(A)ATSR 4th Reprocessing Product Format - User Summary

The main focus of the (A)ATSR 4th reprocessing is to harmonise the (A)ATSR data product format with that of the follow-on instrument, SLSTR. This Memorandum provides basic information on this format and the products. A comprehensive User Document will be issued alongside the 4th reprocessing products. It is anticipated that the 4th reprocessing AATSR L1B dataset will be available in 2017/18, with the ATSR-1/-2 datasets to follow.


List of Satellite ANX time


List of Satellite ANX time

atsr-2 readme

This README file contains important information about the (A)ATSR dataset. It has four main sections:
  (1)  Summary
  (2)  Guide to (A)ATSR versions
  (3)  Segregated data details
  (4)  Removed data listing
This version of the file was produced on: 14/05/2015

Sentinel-3 Land-Water Mask

This document describes the generation of the new MERIS/ATSR land/water, inland water, coastline and intertidal mask at 300m resolution in S3 format. The work is conducted in the framework of IDEAS+ CCN WP3540.


Envisat-style products for ATSR-1 and ATSR-2 data

Review of the impact of ERS-2 piloting modes on the SAR Doppler Stability (2003)

The scope of this paper is to provide an overview of the different ERS-2 piloting modes and to assess their impact on the platform attitude, the SAR Doppler stability, the product quality and the applications performance, particularly for interferometry.

Stability of Amazon Backscatter at C-band: ERS1/2 and RADARSAT-1

Stability of Amazon Backscatter at C-band: Spaceborne Results from ERS-1/2 and RADARSAT-1


Presented at IGARSS 1999: Tracking of tropical cyclones with the ERS Scatterometer


Assessment of scatterometer wind retrieval model by ERS and ADEOS cyclone tracking: Proceedings of Emerging Scatterometer Applications - from Research to Operations (5-7 October 1998 ESTEC TheNetherlands ESA SP-424 pp. 221-227)


ECMWF Report on ers-2 scatterometer for cycle 165


ECMWF Report on ers-2 scatterometer for cycle 164


ECMWF Report on ers-2 scatterometer for cycle 163


ECMWF Report on ers-2 scatterometer for cycle 162


ECMWF Report on ers-2 scatterometer for cycle 161


ECMWF Report on ers-2 scatterometer for cycle 160


ECMWF Report on ers-2 scatterometer for cycle 159