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This document presents an overview of the monitoring and Cal/Val results of the mini-commissioning phase for the RA2 System after ENVISAT orbit lowering occurred on October 2010


Annex to RA-2 and MWR Product Handbook

MWR Functional and performance.pdf

The use of the latest geoid standards for orbit determination reduces geographically correlated errors. This document describes the new Envisat CNES Precise Orbit Determination, and give the availability of the new products.

MWR Functional and performance.pdf

Proceedings from the Envisat Validation WorkShop


Proceedings from the Envisat Validation Workshop


Envisat Relative Calibration Cycles 10-31, using a global tide gauge network


This presentation shows the results obtained from a scientific assessment on the use of GDR-D improved orbit standard and of the consequent improvement in the Sea Surface Height and Sea Level Anomaly Data of altimeter GDR data (A. Ollivier, OSTST 2011)


Passive Calibration of Backscattering Coefficient of Envisat RA-2: final report

RA2MWR_events_during_the_full_ENVISAT_mission 1_7.pdf

This document describes all major events occcurred during the whole ENVISAT mission for RA2, MWR and DORIS instruments


IPF6.02L04 and CMA 9.3 .02 new processing chain: short processors improvement description and cycle 85 GDR main observed impacts

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