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Improvements to the AATSR IPF relating to Land Surface Temperature Retrieval and Cloud Clearing over Land. This Technical Note describes the improvements to the cloud clearing over land, and the LST algorithm, which were included in IPF v6.0. The information contained in this document is applicable to versions 6.0 or greater of the IPF

Sentinel-3 Land-Water Mask

This document describes the generation of the new MERIS/ATSR land/water, inland water, coastline and intertidal mask at 300m resolution in S3 format. The work is conducted in the framework of IDEAS+ CCN WP3540.


Applying the 1.6 Micrometer Nonlinearity Correction to AATSR GBT Products. This Technical Note describes the procedure to apply the nonlinearity correction to the 1.6 micrometer reflectances in AATSR GBT L1B products generated before 14 December 2004


AATSR Validation Implementation Plan


AATSR Validation Implementation Plan


AATSR Validation Implementation Plan


Visible Channel Long Term Drift Analysis Using Desert Targets. The stability of AATSR visible channel calibrations have been measured using data from stable desert targets. The calibration drift rates obtained from the time-series are less than 3.5% per year and comparable to those measured for ATSR-2. Application of the drift correction to AATSR L1B images is discussed.


Update on AATSR Visible Channel Long Term Trends. Studies of the long term stability of the AATSR visible channel calibration have shown that the drift does not follow a linear trend. A further correction is therefore needed to compensate for the deviation from the expected trend

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