Minimize SWARM 8th Data Quality Workshop

  • The 8th Swarm Data Quality Workshop (DQW#8) held in ESA ESRIN from Monday 08th October (afternoon) to Friday 12th October 2018 (morning).
  • The Swarm DQW#8 was a great success, with more than 110 talks, numerous discussions, 11 sessions, 150 participants (~50% more than previous DQWs), among which 17 % were non-EU members (mainly from China, Korea and North America).
  • The main objectives of the workshop were to:
    • Provide an overview of Swarm Mission status to the user Community
    • Update the data quality status from Magnetic, Electric, GPSR and accelerometer measurements
    • Discuss new Swarm-based Scientific results
  • Beside the usual Cal/Val topics, this Swarm DQW#8 has also allowed to address new technical, scientific and strategic challenges related to:
    • Swarm-based Multi-disciplinary applications
    • Swarm-based Data processing virtual environments
    • Swarm-based Machine Learning methods
    • Multi-mission synergies (e.g. with CryoSat, Goce, e-POP, CSES etc.)
  • The Swarm DQW#8 has allowed to identify and compile key recommendations (> 40) and feedback for future Swarm product evolutions and activities
  • The Swarm DQW#8 was an occasion to discuss potential synergetic benefits obtained through collaboration initiatives with ESA's partner agencies and other sensor systems.

The SDQW#8 detailed program and the Summary Recommendation Report  are made accessible.