Minimize Quality Assurance framework for Earth Observation: QA4EO

The Quality Control framework for Earth Observation, which consists of a set of seven guidelines, is endorsed by the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites, and has been developed by the satellite calibration and validation (Cal/Val) communities to meet the needs of the Earth Observation communities. These QA4EO guidelines have been written with the aid of national metrology institutes of the United States and Europe and, where appropriate, are based on best practices of the wider EO and non-EO communities. Within this context, the SPPA team manages a series of projects addressing sensor calibration and traceability, as well as end-to end product traceability and uncertainty estimations.

QA4EO-ATLAS: A pulsed Tuneable LAser system for the characterisation of Spectrometers Details
QA4EO-DIMITRI: Database for Imaging Multi-spectral Instruments and Tools for Radiometric Intercomparison External link
QA4EO-GeoAcca: Feasibility Study for Geo-location Assessment of Optical Sensors External link
QA4EO-NATALI: Neural network Aerosol Typing Algorithm based on LIdar data External link
QA4EO-RUT: Radiometric Uncertainty Tool Details
QA4EO-SnowPEx: Satellite Snow Product Intercomparison and Evaluation Exercise Details