ATSR Long Term Stability Project

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AIRWAVES dataset can be obtained by contacting the team

Minimize Tools
  • GBT-UBT Tool - version 1.6 : available (for free) via GitHub.

    A full description covering the tool features, usage and output is available at the above URL, in the  A short list of features of the tool follows:

    • Parses ATSR-1, ATSR-2 and AATSR TOA 1P (Level 1B) files.
    • Computes UBT geolocations for measurement pixels.
    • Orthorectifies geolocations taking into account an external Digital Elevation Model.
    • Computes the acquisition time of each measurement
    • Computes the extent/size of AATSR pixel Field Of Views projected onto a spherical Earth surface in along and across track directions.
    • Outputs array datasets in either netCDF4-CF or HDF5 format files.
    • Computations are multi-threaded to take advantage of multiple CPU environments.
    • Is written in Java to facilitate simple deployment on various Operating Systems.
    • Is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL3), which implies that it is completely free, including the source code.