Minimize (Multi-)Sensor Timeseries

ESA has been collecting and processing EO data from ESA missions (for example ERS-1/2, Envisat), and ESA TPM (for example AVHRR, Landsat, ALOS) for nearly three decades. To facilitate the various end-user and science applications, there is a need for the agency to support and maintain the quality aspects across missions with similar sensors. The SPPA team multi-sensor activities focus primarily on the sensor Fundamental Data Records (FDR), i.e. the level-1 data, on the instrument's core products, as outlined in the Mission Requirements Documents (MRD) of each mission, and on some select additional geophysical parameters that facilitate the improvements of the sensor FDR.

LTDP ALTS: ATSR Long Term Stability Details
LTDP EMiR: ERS/Envisat MWR  Recalibration and Water  Vapour Thematic Data Record Generation  External link
REAPER: Reprocessing of Altimeter Products for ERS Details
SCIRoCCo: Scatterometer Instrument Competence Centre Details
SEOM CAWA: Advanced Clouds, Aerosols and WAter vapour products for Sentinel-3/OLCI Details
SLAP: Systematic Landsat Archive Processing Details