Recalibration and harmonization

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Since 2007, the Swedish-led satellite ODIN is part of ESA's  Third Party Mission (TPM) program. In September 2015, ESA/SPPA took the initiative to support the reprocessing of all Odin-SMR measurements in order to create a fully consistent and homogeneous dataset of stratospheric species profiles. The need for a complete reprocessing arose from the many years of operation of the satellite (2001-present) and the experience gained in data processing. A new processing baseline and calibration scheme is being developed and applied. Details on the reprocessing are available on the ODIN-SMR web page.

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Since the launch of Odin in 2001, Chalmers and the Department of Geo and Space Sciences have been responsible for processing the Level 2 products.

The processing activity has been financed by ESA since 2007,  part of ESA's Third party mission program.
In September 2015 ESA/SPPA took the initiative to reprocess the full Odin SMR data set.

The current reprocessing campaign is being realized as cooperation between Chalmers and Molflow.

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Prof. Donal Murtagh
Chalmers University of Technology Department of Earth and Space Science
SE-412 96 Gothenburg
Email: donal.murtagh@chalmers.se
Dr. Angelika Dehn
Via Galileo Galilei Frascati (RM)
00044 Italy
Email: Angelika.Dehn@esa.int