GOMOS Level2 Algorithm Evolution Studies

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The ALGOM project consists of different Level 2 studies aimed at the improvement of the quality of the GOMOS products. The work is performed in the framework of the GOMOS Quality Working Group (QWG), whose responsibility is to advise on the operations performance of a mission's instruments and its products, as well as on the evolution of algorithms, calibration, validation and processors.


The GOMOS (Global Ozone Monitoring by Occultation of Stars) instrument is a spectrometer that exploits the stellar occultation technique. GOMOS comprises one one UV-Visible channel (248-690 nm) and two near infrared channels (756-773 nm and 926-952 nm). These wavelength regions allow retrieving atmospheric vertical profiles of O3, NO2, NO3, O2, H2O, atmospheric density and aerosols. 


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Angelika Dehn
Via Galileo Galilei
00044 Frascati, Italy
Janne Hakkarainen
Finnish Meteorological Institute
Erik Palmenin aukio 1
FIN-00101 Helsinki, Finland