Mer Bleue Arctic Surrogate Simulation Site

Minimize Objectives
  • Demonstrate the validation capabilities of high-resolution EO land products using advanced airborne capabilities and radiative transfer tools
  • Perform reflectance and spectral land indices product validation assessment of a test site with spatially complex pixels representative of northern peatland (Mer Bleue), co-located with high-resolution measurements such as Sentinel 2 and Landsat-8
  • Perform a sensitivity assessment of an airborne validation process on four airborne mission/sensor configuration variables, to allow optimization of future airborne validation work, supported by field measurements
  • Define 'best practices' for ongoing product validation to ensure
    • data quality continuity over time
    • data consistency between sensors
    • support for model results validation
Minimize Overview
  • Coordinated acquisition of Airborne Hyperspectral Mosaics with satellite image acquisitions
  • Coordinated Field Spectra of Mer Bleue ground communities to assist with
    • Validation of airborne imagery
    • End members for image analysis
  • Ground spectra of a nearby specialized site for calibration and validation of airborne imagery
  • Geodetic and UAV surveys to map microtopography
  • Ancillary support data making use of, and extending, Mer Bleue Peatland Observatory capabilities
  • Satellite simulation from the airborne hyperspectral data using NRCan's ISDASv2 image analysis system
  • Acquisition of Airborne/Field data to perform sensitivity analysis of MBASSS data products (airborne and satellite) to various operational and mission parameters
Minimize Schedule
Key Activities Time Frame
MBASSS Ground Activities February – October 2016
Airborne Cal/Val Site Ground Activities February – October 2016
Airborne Image Acquisition February – October 2016
Airborne Hyperspectral Image Calibration and QA March – August 2016
Airborne Hyperspectral Image Data Products and Analysis June – November 2016
Airborne Hyperspectral Image Sensitivity Analysis June – November 2016
Satellite Simulation and Methodology Evaluation May – November 2016