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The  Sensor Performance, Products and Algorithms (SPPA) is the element of the ESA Earth Observation ground segment responsible and performing the following activities:

(R) Alfred Wegener InstituteCourtesy of Alfred Wegener Institute 

Algorithm Development

Developing and upgrading the data processing algorithms in order to meet mission requirements and user needs.


Calibrating the sensors (through the update of on-board and on-ground configuration data) in order to meet product quality requirements.

Validating the generated products assessing, by independent means, the  quality  of  the  generated EO data  products.

Routine Quality Control

Monitoring routinely the status of the  spacecraft  (payload  and  platform) and  to check if the derived products meet the quality requirements along mission life-time.

The activities related to the SPPA constitute a long and continuous process involving a number of various actors with different competencies and objectives.


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SPPA Portal Updated

26 June 2015

This release of the Sensor Performance, Products and Algorithms (SPPA) Portal focuses on Landsat 1-7 and follows a similar structure to the earlier releases covering Envisat, ERS-1/2, GOCE, Cryosat, ALOS and SMOS. 

Envisat - MIPAS Level 1b dataset processed

27 May 2015

The Level 1b re-processing of the full MIPAS mission (from 01/07/2002 up to 08/04/2012, including both Full Resolution and Optimized Resolution mission phases) has been completed with the ESA processor IPF version 7.11.

SPPA Portal update

31 March 2015

The next release of the Sensor Performance, Products and Algorithms (SPPA) Portal focusing on the Earth Explorers missions: SWARM, GOCE, Cryosat and SMOS is now available ...

New SPPA Portal On Line

04 March 2015

The Sensor Performance, Products and Algorithms (SPPA) Portal is a single web portal entrance designed to increase awareness of Earth Observation (EO) data capabilities and performance status within the EO user community. .