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Checking in on Sentinel-1A

22 November 2013

The media had a sneak peek at the first Sentinel satellite today ahead of its launch next spring.

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Free access to Copernicus Sentinel satellite data

15 November 2013

Free and open access to Sentinel satellite data will be granted for the Copernicus operational phase.

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Landmark navigation system wins Copernicus Masters award

06 November 2013

A navigation system for self-driving vehicles that uses satellite radar data has won the top prize in the European Earth-monitoring competition.

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Monitoring and managing Africa's water resources

31 October 2013

With water security being one of Africa's biggest challenges, ESA's TIGER initiative is using satellite observations to provide local authorities with the information they need to develop this vital resource.

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Oil and gas sector gears up for Sentinels

24 October 2013

The international body representing the oil and gas industry is promoting the use of satellite Earth observation as the industry explores new frontiers. The upcoming Sentinel suite of satellites will facilitate these new endeavours.

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Intermittent Small Baseline Subset (ISBAS) method application over a coal mining area in the UK

17 October 2013

This research focus on the method termed here, the Intermittent Small Baseline Subset (ISBAS), which, compared with the Small Baseline Subset (SBAS) method, appears to improve results over natural, woodland and agricultural terrain.

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ALGO3, a new algorithm for ATSR World Fire Atlas: 21 years of fire monitoring

17 October 2013

A new fire detection algorithm ALGO3, has been tested and validated for ATSR-1/-2 and AATSR. This extends the ATSR World Fire Atlas (WFA) to 21 years of night-time fire series.

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Envisat InSAR analysis of recent geophysical activity at Santorini volcano, Greece

16 October 2013

The Santorini caldera has been a source of numerous eruptions and tsunamis in the past with the most recent seismic sequence ending in 1950 .Since then, Santorini volcano was in a "quiet" phase, with insignificant deformation and limited seismic activity.

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Crop monitoring by multitemporal fusion of MERIS FR and Landsat TM data, test site Albacete, Spain

15 October 2013

Remote sensing applications benefit from the use of data fusion approaches based on spectral unmixing, which have proven their value for delivering spectrally consistent fused images while reducing the mixed pixel problem. In this study the scientists propose a multi-temporal setting of the algorithm that is applied to full MERIS and Landsat TM time series. The final goal is to complete or fill gaps in the Landsat time series by using MERIS data with more frequent coverage. Hence obtaining consistent time series at high spatial resolution and with the enhanced spectral properties of MERIS.

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KdPAR estimation and seabed habitat mapping in European coastal waters using MERIS

14 October 2013

The availability of light in the water column and at the seabed determines the euphotic zone and constrains the type and the vertical distribution of algae species. Light attenuation is traditionally quantified as the diffuse attenuation coefficient of the downwelling spectral irradiance at wavelength 490 nm (Kd490) or the photosynthetically available radiation (KdPAR).

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