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Satellites combat degrading lands

17 October 2011

As the UN marked World Food Day earlier this week, international representatives convened in Korea to discuss ways to curb the loss of productive land to desertification. Satellites play an important role in the monitoring and assessment of drylands.

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Satellites keep forest management in check

12 July 2011

Satellites can bring new transparency to how forests are being managed. With the increasing production of pulp, paper and timber products, there is concern over the effect that expanding plantations and logging in natural forests have on biodiversity and climate change.

Astrium to build ESA's Sentinel-4 atmospheric sensors

11 July 2011

ESA today awarded a contract worth almost €150 million to Astrium to develop and build two satellite sensors that will monitor Earth's atmosphere as part of Europe's Global Monitoring for Environment and Security programme.

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Smelling Grímsvötn

19 May 2011

While piloting a commercial transatlantic flight last year, Captain Klaus Sievers and his crew got a whiff of an unusual odour. In a confined space 10 km up in the air, there was only one thing it could be.

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New European Satellite imagery supports development of forest-related ecosystem services projects

01 April 2011

Indonesia contains some of the most diverse and largest contiguous forests remaining in Southeast Asia. These forests represent important ecological systems, provide natural habitats for a diverse range of species, and contain the headwaters of important several rivers.

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Satellites tracking Mt Merapi volcanic ash clouds

15 November 2010

Since its latest series of deadly eruptions, Java’s Mt Merapi has been spewing volcanic ash clouds into the air. Satellite data are crucial for assessing the eruption’s danger to air traffic and public safety.

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Bluefin tuna hit hard by 'Deepwater Horizon' disaster

17 October 2010

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill couldn't have occurred at a worse time for bluefin tuna: they had come to the area – a major spawning ground – to produce offspring.

Satellites are helping assess the damage from the disaster on the fish's spawning habitat.

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Gulf of Mexico oil spill in the Loop Current

Scientists monitoring the US oil spill with ESA’s Envisat radar satellite say that it has entered the Loop Current, a powerful conveyor belt that flows clockwise around the Gulf of Mexico towards Florida.

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ESA calls for Sentinels-4/-5 Mission Advisory Group members

12 January 2010

Within the framework of the GMES initiative, ESA is developing a series of ‘Sentinel’ satellites. As part of this development process, the Agency has released a call for Mission Advisory Group members for the Sentinel-4/-5 missions.

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