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PolSARpro Simulator

PolSARproSim is a fully polarimetric-interferometric coherent SAR scattering and imaging simulator developed by Dr Mark L. Williams, providing simulated test data of high fidelity to be used within the tutorial package of PolSARpro. This code has been used extensively with detailed forest models to demonstrate the feasibility of many of the techniques that PolSARpro software seeks to illustrate and teach. Simulated data is extremely useful for tutorial purposes as it represents a simplified system that is readily understood, and has well defined properties that make the POLinSAR inversion reasonably straightforward.

The concept is that the user is provided a simple interface that permits the ready description of a realistic forest model and a flexible description of SAR imaging parameters. Having designed the forest and set the imaging scenario the simulation could be called from within PolSARpro software, and in a reasonable space of time, the user has available simulated polarimetric, interferometric SAR data for the scene of their choice.

The PolSARpro software user could then proceed to follow the POLinSAR tutorial with the data appropriate to the scenario of particular interest to them, and be able to determine that the techniques work well in a realistic situation for the sensor of their choice. The graphical user interface (GUI) used to assign parameter values is implemented within PolSARpro software. From pre-calculated files provided with the simulator, like a DEM file, a voxel descriptor file, a map of stem locations and an under storey description file, the SAR simulation proper will generate a stem/primary architecture file then calculate the polarimetric, interferometric SAR images.

Download Sample Dataset         PolSARproSim Design.pdf

Based on the Forest PolSARproSim simulator, two other simulators on real environment are proposed:

  • PolSARproSIMgr: for Pol-InSAR ground surface simulation
  • PolSARproSIMgv: for Pol-InSAR ground + small vegetation simulation