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In order to accommodate the needs of different user groups, PolSARpro is available with a range of interfaces offering varying degrees of operator choice.

  • Interfaces for the "EO Scientific Investigator" dedicated to specific airborne and spaceborne sensors help to guide the operator along a 'recommended' processing chain by way of batch processing dialogues with limited user-defined parameters. These are aimed at novice users of polarimetric SAR techniques (who have some previous experience of SAR processing). They have been released since late 2004 as they become available

  • The "Full" software interface gives the user free access to all of the functions that the Tool has to offer. It is aimed at experts and post-graduate level students. Functionality for both single and multiple datasets is now available

Project status information

Version 5.0 of the PolSARpro Software has been delivered during the POLinSAR 2013 Workshop. With this new version 5.0 released, new developments have augmented the existing software with new compatibility, dedicated interfaces and advanced algorithms for new or forthcoming polarimetric airborne and spaceborne SAR sensors.