Minimize PolSARpro 5.0 Downloads

Installer (64Bit) for Windows (MD5: db469a9e4d6021d44834bf2b0fe074ef)

Installer (32Bit) for Linux (MD5: 99ad2b0165eb36fed82cb88361fd2161)



It is strictly recommended not to change, extract, move or modify any component (tcl-tk widgets, executable processing files, color-maps, help files, PDF files) included in the PolSARpro Software Directory and / or change its structure.


Windows users:

  • Ensure you have the administration rights of your machine.
  • Please download the installation package in a working directory
  • Uninstall any previous versions of PolSARpro
  • Unzip installation package. The installation package includes a configuration executable file PolSARproCheckConfigWin64.exe), the PolSARpro software and a directory named PSP_SW with required auxiliary software (ActiveTcl, S1TBX, Mapready, Imagemagick, Gimp)
  • Run the PolSARproCheckConfigWin*.exe file. By running this file, the installation procedure will first check the configuration of the machine and if any of the auxiliary software are already installed. Then it will guide you for the installation of PolSARpro and missing auxiliary software.

Linux users:

Inside the package, you will find a README file to properly install the software.

Linux Users have to check first if Tcl-Tk is already provided in the Linux Kernel. If not, the latest release of ActiveTcl has to be installed.

To install PolSARpro v5.0 Software, Linux Users have to simply unzip and copy the PolSARpro v5.0 package into the directory of their choice. PolSARpro_v5.0.tcl is the executable file that launches the PolSARpro User Interface (GUI). Before running PolSARpro, Linux Users have to compile the executable processing files. For this a batch file is provided, called Compil_PolSARpro_v5_Linux.bat, located in the Soft directory.

Once the executable files are compiled, create a link between the directory where PolSARpro software is installed and the sh command to launch PolSARpro, with:

ln –s /my_dir/PolSARpro_v5.0/ /usr/bin/PolSARpro

PolSARpro v5.0 Software is now ready to run. Start the GUI by typing the command batch file in an Xterm window.