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PolSARpro (Polarimetric SAR data Processing and Education Toolbox) supports the scientific exploitation of polarimetric SAR data and is a tool for high-level education in radar polarimetry.

The current version of PolSARpro is 6.0 (Biomass Edition). The software contains a collection of well-known algorithms and tools, establishes a foundation for the exploitation of polarimetric techniques for scientific developments and stimulates research and applications developments using Pol-SAR, Pol-InSAR, Pol-TomoSAR and Pol-TimeSAR data.

The tool is a standalone application that performs end-to-end processing without needing other software.

A wide-range of tutorials and comprehensive documentation provide a grounding in polarimetry and polarimetric interferometry necessary to stimulate research and development of scientific applications that utilise such techniques; the toolbox of processing functions offers users the capability to implement them.

PolSARpro is developed under contract with ESA since 2003 where the initiative was a direct result of recommendations made during the first PolInSAR Workshop held at ESRIN in 2003. The IETR (Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes - UMR CNRS 6164) of the University of Rennes 1, France is in charge of the development of the PolSARpro software.

Download PolSARpro on the STEP website.