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RE: PyNest failed

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PyNest failed
2/23/18 4:29 PM
I tried many times to install nest following the steps on this website .
After doing the final step which is make install check I get an error in one out of the 243 test.
Also, this error says 243- PyNest failed.
Anyone can help me with the installation? I HAVE ALREADY EXPORTED PYNEST INTO PYTHONPATH.
Kind regards,

RE: PyNest failed
2/23/18 4:35 PM as a reply to nchr nchr.
I believe this isn't the nest forum you are looking for.

RE: PyNest failed
3/25/19 7:57 AM as a reply to nchr nchr.
These steps are working fine so far but unable to get the full access, helped me to coverup so far.