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Exporting a Virtual band

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Exporting a Virtual band
2/22/19 7:30 PM
Dear community:
I did the Range-Doppler terrain correction with a Cosmo Skymed Himage image and I flagged "Save sigma0 band" and also the "Save gamma0 band".
At the end of this step, In the product view I can see: 1) the Sigma0 band, 2) the incidence angle band, 3) the projected incidence angle band 4), the Gamma0 band.The Gamma0 band is highlighted as "Virtual Band".At the end of the processing I would like to export the gamma0 band as a GeoTiff or .IMG. or BEAM DIMAP but NEST exports only the first 3 bands.
The question is: how to export a virtual band? How to export my gamma0 band?
Second question: I'm sorry, but I still don't understand the difference between "use projected local incidence from DEM" and "use local incidence angle from DEM". I've found the definition in the NEST HELP, but I really apreciate a sketch describing the positioning of these angles and their relevance to each other. Where can I find it?
Thank you very much.