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Interferometric TerraSAR-X Data Order -reg

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We are plannign to work on building height extraction from Interferometric SAR data. We have gone through Product details in Price list provided by AirBus. It is observed that  in the document  " a mimimum  order volume of 5 standard scenes within 6 months from the first acquisition date, all data with identical acquisitin geometry and covereage of one defined location dedicatd to intereferometric applications" . That means order treated as a new acqusition or we have to search availability of the data in the Archives of TerraSAR-X .Please clarify.

RE: Interferometric TerraSAR-X Data Order -reg
8/1/18 6:32 AM as a reply to jmrao jmrao.
The mail from AIRBUS is as follows:
depending on the area of interest there could be an existing InSAR stack available in our archive. To check acquisitions we would need the exact area of interest or you could check on if there is an existing stack. For a new stack we can prepare an acquisition plan for you over your AOI.