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EO-Support, the web based system, allowing the Users to interface the EOHelp Team, has been active since July 2011.

The use of EO-Support will make it possible to reduce the use of emails and provide a faster, easily accessible and reliable service.

The system allows you to submit, access and monitor your service requests, service anomalies, suggestions and complaints directly on-line.

In order to access the "EO-Support" system, you need to complete, if not already done, the registration process in the ESA Earth Observation centralised Single Sign-On (EO-SSO).

See General Registration & Login

As from August 2013, the email will be maintained as support to users encountering problems or having need of information and/or assistance in the Registration process to the EO-SSO.

Emails may also be used as back up service in case of temporary disruption of the EO-Support functionality.