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SOCIS 2014

13 April 2014

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ESA Summer of Code in Space 2014 NEST Ideas

The NEST team is applying to become a mentoring organization in the  ESA Summer of Code in Space programme. We hope to find the brightness and most creative student open source developers to help us add new and exciting possibilities to the Next ESA SAR Toolbox.


ESA Summer of Code in Space 2014 (SOCIS 2014) is a program run by the European Space Agency. It aims at offering student developers stipends to write code for various space-related open source software projects. Through SOCIS, accepted student applicants are paired with a mentor from the participating projects, thus gaining exposure to real-world software development scenarios. In turn, the participating projects are able to more easily identify and bring in new developers.




We are looking for intermediate level Java developers from undergrads to PhD's with some experience with geospatial software.

Proposed projects must be achievable within the limited project timeline.

Student application deadline is May 15, 2014


Mr Luis Veci - NEST Software Lead / Spatial Nerd

Dr Jun Lu - NEST Scientist / Math Guru

Dr Roberta Manners - SAR Scientist / Tinkering Expert

Project ideas

1) Update NASA WorldWind integration with the latest version adding support for new capabilities. Implement some example applications combining WorldWind and NEST features.
required: java, opengl, kml, wms, worldwind
priority: high

2) Integrate data discovery and batch processing using NEST on a cloud platform such as Amazon AWS.
require: java, aws
priority: high

3) Develop basic tools for statistical analysis, machine learning, segmentation, feature extraction and classification or integrate from existing open source libraries such as RapidMiner, Weka, Mahout, etc.
required: java
priority: high

4) Graph operator interface to OpenCL or CUDA  to offload processing to graphics cards
required: java, jocl or cuda
priority: high

5) Enhance the GIS capabilities of NEST with integration from other Java GIS software such as Geotools, Geolatte, JTS, etc. Improved vector handling, additional vector format import/export, etc.
required: java, GIS
priority: moderate

6) Support for a targeted application area such as ice classification, environmental monitoring, monitoring of surface movement, ocean applications, forestry, agriculture, security, etc.
required: java, knowledge of SAR application area
priority: moderate

7) Interface to other programming libraries such as C++ allowing some intergration between other open source tools such as OSSIM and ORFEO.
required: java, C++
priority: moderate

8) Enhanced support for other EO file formats by integration of GDAL and OGR and other format libraries.
required: java, GDAL/OGR
priority: moderate


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