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What is the minimum required hardware to run NEST? #

It is recommended to have at least 2GB of memory. NEST can work with only 1GB but may run slower.

To run the 3D WorldWind View, it is recommended to have a 3D graphics card with updated drivers.

NEST has been tested to work on 32 and 64 bit Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Linux.

When I start the DAT it says it could not create the Java virtual machine #

In dat.bat or try reducing the Java maximum heap size -Xmx1024M value to something smaller like -Xmx800M

How can I get WorldWind to work? I see a blank window in the World View. #

To use the WorldWind World Map and 3D View, a 3D video card with updated drivers is necessary. Update your video card drivers. (How to update windows drivers) (ATI/AMD - Nvidia - Intel)

How to add NEST_HOME to the PATH to run from the command line #

If you would like to run he gpt from any folder, you will need to set the NEST_HOME path to where ever you unzip it. For example on Windows go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment Variables

Add a variable for NEST_HOME to point to the installation folder and also include %NEST_HOME% in the PATH variable.

On Linux, set these environment variables in .profile or .bash_profile in your home directory export NEST_HOME=installation folder export PATH=$PATH:$NEST_HOME

Then either restart your terminal or type

source ~/.bashrc

Also, make sure the paths in NEST/config/settings.xml are appropriate for your file system.

How can I improve performance? #

Performance in NEST drops considerably when using virtual memory. If you have more than 2Gb of RAM and wish to use all of it, on a 64-bit OS you should be using a 64-bit version of Java. You may then set the heap size for the Java virtual machine to something larger such as -Xmx4096M

To do so, open in a text editor your gpt.bat on Windows or on Linux found in your NEST installation folder and replace the -Xmx1024M value with something larger like -Xmx4096M. You may do the same with dat.bat or

In Windows you may set these for the exe in nest-dat.l4j.ini

How can I move the .nest folder somewhere else? #

By default NEST creates a windows_user_home_folder\.nest (~/.nest on Linux)

The .nest folder is used to store temporary data such as preferences, logs, etc.

If you would like to change the location of this folder:

Edit the file NESTInstallFolder\config\nest.config

change the line

#nest.application_tmp_folder = c:\\AuxData


nest.application_tmp_folder = your_new_path

How to change the AuxData folder #

Edit the file NESTInstallFolder\config\settings_win.xml or setting_unix.xml

Change the AuxDataPath value to your new path and restart the Toolbox.

How to install on Windows 8 #

Right click on installer and select Windows 7 compatibility mode and then install normally.

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xzhfhyyy126com xzhfhyyy126com
When the sentinel-1 SLC data has been added into NEST, some error like " unable to open E:...\s1a-s1-slc-.......-001.tiff'",how can I do for this problem.
Posted on 11/8/14 8:51 AM.
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The European Space Agency is making NEST available free of charge to the user community