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Free ESA Data

ESA has defined a new Earth Observation Data Policy which was approved by the ESA Earth Observation Programme Board in May 2010. The new data policy applies to the ESA missions, i.e. to ERS-1, ERS-2, Envisat, GOCE, SMOS, CryoSat and future Earth Explorer missions. It is derived from the full and open access approach established in the Sentinel Data Policy.

The free dataset includes the dataset collections available on-line. A user registration is needed for accessing the free dataset. Data access is provided in 2-3 working days after registration.

How to Apply

Free Sample SAR Data

Sample ENVISAT ASAR products can be downloaded from Earth Online
Envisat ASAR auxiliary data Earth Online

L’Aquila and Sichuan Earthquakes for ENVISAT and ERS Earth Online

Sample TerraSarX products at Astrium

Sample Radarsat-2 products at MDA

Sample ALOS PALSAR products at ALOS RestecAcres and ASF

Sample JERS products at Acres

Sample Radarsat-1 at Acres

UAVSAR data at ASF

Group on Earth Observations Supersites SAR data from recent disasters

Other Remote Sensing Data

USGS Disaster Response FTP Site Optical data from recent disasters

Direct Link to Landsat ftp Site

RapidEye demo products available at Blackbridge website.

WorldView-1 and WorldView-2 demo products at DigitalGlobe

QuickBird demo products at DigitalGlobe

MODIS level 1 at LAADS Web

Spot Spot3D, SpotMap, Formosat-2 and Kompsat-2 demo products at Astrium

Digital Elevation Maps

SRTM DEM (Automatically downloaded as needed by NEST)

GETASSE DEM (Automatically downloaded by NEST)



ASTER Global DEM or

RAMP DEM Radarsat Antarctic Mapping Project Digital Elevation Model Version 2

IceSAT DEM GLAS/ICESat Laser Altimetry DEMs of Antarctica and Greenland

US NED DEM US National Elevation Dataset available on Seamless


GSHHS Global Self-consistent, Hierarchical, High-resolution Shoreline Database

Orbit Files

Delft Precise Orbits (Automatically downloaded as needed by NEST)

DORIS VOR/POR Orbits Contact to ask for a login/password for their DORIS Orbits FTP

PRARE Orbits Contact to ask for a login/password for their PRARE Orbits FTP


If you know of other freely available data sources, please let us know to include them here. Thanks.

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