Minimize GUT Variance/Covariance Matrix Tool

The GUT Variance/Covariance Matrix Tool is a tool dedicated to the computation of the variance and cross-covariance functions of the GOCE gravity field related quantities (as geoid height, gravity anomaly/disturbance, radial gravity gradient, vertical deflections, etc) on an equi-angular geographical grid from the GOCE full variance/covariance matrix of spherical harmonic coefficients by means of error propagation theory principles.

The operated computation is rigorous, that means no approximation is carried out in the calculations. The user can limit the analysis in the geographical region or in a spectral interval of interest and can decide to incorporate in the computation the use of built-in filtering or tapering methods.

Finally, the user is given a choice to calculate the variance map as point value on grid centres or as mean value on grid cell.

The core tool has been initially written by George Balmino in Fortran language and subsequently revised and extended by Rory Bingham and Bruno Lucas.

The tool is provided as best effort initiative and it has to be used at your risk. The tool can be downloaded here.

For any problems/bugs with the Tool, please contact the GUT Support Team, who will try to reply as soon as possible.