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GUT - The GOCE User Toolbox

The GOCE User Toolbox GUT is a compilation of tools for the utilisation and analysis of GOCE Level 2 products. GUT supports applications in Geodesy, Oceanography and Solid Earth Physics. You can download the tool from here or request a copy of the software on DVD.

GOCE User Toolbox Primer

The scope of this set of articles is to present the most basic elements of the GOCE User Toolbox. The zip file is composed by 4 articles : Introduction, Physical Geodesy, Oceanography, Solid Earth Physics.

GUT The covhsmp and covhs2p software - User's guide

This User's guide describes the COVHSMP and COVHS2P software variance-covariance error matrix computation.

GUT WP8100 Standards and Recommended Models

The document has the aim to develop the standards for processing altimetry and the derivation of MSS models. The standards will contain guidelines on selection of geodetic coordinate systems, tidal system, IB-correction, averaging period, format, etc. In addition, a list of available MSS models will be made.

GUTS : Promo Leaflet

This leaflet summarizes the results of the GOCE User Toolbox Specifications Study (GUTS).

GUTS Final Report - GOCE User Toolbox Specifications (GUTS)

The goal of this document is to summarize the main results of GUTS WP2000, WP3000 WP4000 and WP5000 in one single conclusive document.

Summary and Tutorial Document - GOCE User Toolbox Specifications (GUTS)

Deliverable: WP5000: This document provides an executive summary of the GOCE User Toolbox Study.

System Specification and Architectural Design - GOCE User Toolbox Specifications (GUTS)

Deliverable: WP4000: This document provides information on the definition of all system external interfaces and formats, the development of logical model of system functions, the complete specification of output content: data products, metadata, reports and logs.

Toolbox Functionality and Algorithm Specification Document - GOCE User Toolbox Specifications (GUTS)

Deliverable: WP3000: This report is the output from WP3000 of the GOCE User Toolbox Specification. The study will select the best (in terms of accuracy and computational demands) algorithms to compute the variables listed in the user requirement document [1]. This document will form the basis for the system specification work performed in WP4000 and the prototype and tutorials to be generated in WP5000, all available in this library.

User Toolbox Requirements Document - GOCE User Toolbox Specifications (GUTS)

Deliverable: WP2000: This document provides user requirement for the GOCE User Toolbox, designed around the GOCE mission.