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VTGoce displays surfaces for gridded data on a virtual globe, using sophisticated rendering techniques.

VTGoce provides a set of user-friendly tools enabling the visualisation of gravity anomalies and other elevation grids such as geoids, DEMs, or bathymetry, geoid height errors and mean dynamic topographies. Many different kinds of raster data may be utilised with VTGoce. The User's manual details all formats readable by VTGoce.

VTGoce comes with a Basic (27 Mb) and an Extended (over 2.5 Gb) data set. You can download the Basic data set from this page and the Extended one, due to its size, from the GOCE Virtual On-line Archive.

The Extended data set includes GOCE Gravity Gradients together with all released GOCE Gravity solutions and most apriori data distributed with GUT.


VT GOCE web version

The online version of VT GOCE can be accessed at VT GOCE Web.

Installers for Linux, Mac, Windows


User Manual

VTGoce - User's Manual - Revision 1 / Issue 1


Basic (Data set)

The Basic data set includes Geoid heights generated via the Goce User Toolbox (GUT) from different sources;


Extended (Data set)

The Extended data set includes:

  • Gridded GOCE Gravity Gradients, diagonal components Uxx, Uyy, Uzz, on a 900 * 450 grid, with 0.4 degrees resolution

  • All released GOCE Gravity Solutions (EGM_GOC products, also directly available through the GOCE Virtual On-line Archive

  • Most of the netCDF data in the "apriori" folder distributed with the GUT tool and also readable by VTGoce