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SCoT (SMOS Comparison Tool)

The SMOS Comparison Tool (SCoT) can be used to compare level 1 SMOS products of the same type generated with the same schema version for the Data Blocks (DBL). It has been designed to be used by the SMOS Calibration Expert Centre (CEC), the Expert Support Laboratories (ESL) and the Calibration and Validation teams to facilitate the comparison of level 1 products generated with different L1 processor configurations or algorithm baselines. The tools requires a Linux Operative System, the installation of the Matlab Component Runtime (MCR) included in the delivery kit or a licensed version of Matlab (v7.5 or above) and the XML RW API to read the SMOS level 1 products.

SCoT has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to ease the management of the various SCoT functionalities. Selecting input files, output folder, selecting the plots, displaying the graphical results and even manipulate them is possible with this GUI.


For further details about SCoT, installation and usage refer to the Software User Manual


Download the latest version of the SCoT installer (V3.50)

Download the latest version of the XML RW API

Download the latest version of the BinX schema package

Download a description of the SMOS user products