Minimize EGU 2012 - SMOS Ocean User Meeting

At the recent EGU 2012 conference, ESA jointly organised the SMOS Ocean User Meeting with leading scientists in the field. The aim of the meeting was twofold, namely to;

  • Inform and prepare SMOS Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) data users for the content, quality and the caveats of the data available from the operational processing and the recent reprocessing of SMOS Level 2 SSS data and to raise awareness for the present issues in the Level 1 Brightness Temperatures and how they progress to Level 2 SSS data; and
  • To gather detailed feedback from present data users across various areas of interest

The meeting was attended by approximately 30 to 40 people. The presentations are available below. The recommendations can be found here


EGU 2012
SMOS Ocean User Meeting
Thursday 26 April 2012 - 08:30 - 12:00, Room SM1
Vienna, Austria




Briefing to ocean salinity data users
Introduction and scope of this meeting - File size [271 kb]S. Mecklenburg
5 mins
SMOS MIRAS instrument performance and status of level 1 data processing - File size [850 kb]M. Martin-Neira (ESA)
20 mins
Status of the level 2 ocean salinity retrieval - File size [1,045 kb]J. Font / J. Boutin (LOCEAN)
15 mins

Level 3 and 4 data products based on SMOS data - File size [5,532 kb]

A. Turiel (CSIC) for CP34
20 mins
User feedback on

Global Level 3 SMOS ocean salinity assessment

Global Level 3 Ocean Salinity from SMOS: The NOC Experience - File size [5,903 kb]


Ch. Gommenginger

10 - 15 mins
Validation of a new SMOS salinity L3 product - File size [908 kb]

J.Köhler, D.Stammer (University of Hamburg)

10 - 15 mins

Data assimilation

Proposed use of satellite salinity data in the FOAM ocean forecasting system: validation and data assimilation - File size [753 kb]


N. McConnell (UK Metoffice)

10 - 15 mins

Surface salinity data to validate ocean simulations and data assimilation experiments in the North-eastern Atlantic Ocean - File size [897 kb]

J. Ballabrera (UTM-CSIC)
10 - 15 mins

Use of SMOS-derived surface salinity products to improve the quality of ocean estimates obtained by Mercator Océan using assimilative ocean models - File size [451 kb]

E. Dombrowsky (Mercator Océan)
10 - 15 mins

Bio-geochemical use

Spatial and temporal coherence between Amazon River discharge, salinity, ocean color variables in western tropical Atlantic surface waters - File size [1,113 kb]


J. Salisbury and D. Vandemark (UNH), N. Reul and B. Chapron (IFREMER)


 10 - 15 mins

Salinity retrieval in warm waters 

Seasonal cycle of the low-salinity pool off Panama, Eastern Pacific, from in situ and SMOS data - File size [930 kb]

G .Alory (LEGOS)

10 - 15 mins
Rain impact on SMOS SSS intertropical convergence zone of the Pacific: SOLAS - File size [388 kb]J.Boutin (LOCEAN)
 10 - 15 mins

Summary discussion - File size [83 kb]

15 mins