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NEST (Next ESA SAR Toolbox)

The Next ESA SAR Toolbox (NEST) is an ESA open source toolbox under the GNU GPL license for reading, processing, analysing and visualising ESA (ERS-1/2, Envisat, Sentinel-1) and other spaceborne SAR data (TerraSAR-X, RADARSAT 1-2, COSMO-SkyMed, JERS-1, ALOS PALSAR) processed to Level-1 or higher. NEST 5.1 release is now freely available for download on the NEST website.

This update adds InSAR optimised coregistration, integrated phase unwrapping, and support for ERS/Envisat cross interferometry.

This may likely be the last update to NEST before its major evolution with the Sentinel-1 Toolbox release in September 2014.

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Basic ERS & Envisat (A) ATSR and Meris Toolbox (BEAM)

BEAM is an open-source toolbox and development platform for viewing, analysing and processing of remote sensing raster data. Originally developed to facilitate the utilisation of image data from Envisat's optical instruments, BEAM now supports a growing number of other raster data formats such as GeoTIFF and NetCDF as well as data formats of other EO sensors such as MODIS, AVHRR, AVNIR, PRISMCHRIS/Proba and SMOS.
The BEAM website also includes a user forum.
The current release is 4.10.

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Basic ERS & Envisat Atmospheric Toolbox (BEAT)

The Basic ERS & Envisat Atmospheric Toolbox (BEAT) is a collection of executable tools and an application programming interface (API) which has been developed to facilitate the utilisation, viewing and processing of ESA GOMOS, MIPAS, SCIAMACHY and GOME data.
The current release is BEAT version 6.2.0.

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Broadview Radar Altimetry Toolbox (BRAT)

The Broadview Radar Altimetry Tutorial and Toolbox is an online tutorial containing an extensive explanation on what is altimetry, the techniques used and examples of usage of altimetry data in several different fields of research. Besides the tutorial, there is a software package (the Toolbox) which allows reading, processing and visualizing altimetry data from several different altimetry missions (e.g. ERS-1 and 2, Topex/Poseidon, Geosat Follow-on, Jason-1, Envisat, Jason-2, CryoSat, Sentinel-3, and more).

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EOLDAS software allows the optimal estimation of (mainly land surface, mainly vegetation) state variables (e.g. quantifying how much vegetation there is at a particular time and place) from remote radiometric (Earth Observation) data.

The Current release is: Prototype

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GOCE User Toolbox (GUT)

The GOCE User Toolbox GUT is a compilation of tools for the utilisation and analysis of GOCE Level 2 products. GUT supports applications in Geodesy, Oceanography and Solid Earth Physics.
The GUT Tutorial provides information and guidance on how to use the toolbox for a variety of applications. GUT consists of a series of advanced computer routines that carry out the required computations. It may be used on Windows PCs, UNIX/Linux Workstations, and Mac.

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CryoSat User Tool (CUT)

The CryoSat User Tool (CUT) is a Windows stand-alone application for displaying and downloading CryoSat products from remote FTP servers or from local directories. It has an intuitive graphical user interface allowing for simultaneous product visualisation geographically on a 3D world map and temporally on a Gantt chart. The tool can be customised and products can be filtered.