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Three ESA satellites reveal Etna's complexity

30 October 2002

The recent eruptions of the Mount Etna volcano in Sicily are throwing huge amounts of ash and trace gases into the atmosphere. Instruments on three different ESA spacecraft have acquired imagery of...

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Giants joust in the cold

21 October 2002

A new giant was born recently in the coastal waters of Antarctica. A series of images captured from May through the beginning of this month by ESA's Envisat satellite shows the subsequent duel ...

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Antarctic forecast: premature break-up of ozone hole this week

23 September 2002

Based on satellite data from the European Space Agency, the national meteorological centre of the Netherlands predicts the Antarctic ozone hole will break apart this week, months earlier than usual.

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ESA satellite imagery credited with breakthrough in earthquake research

19 September 2002

California scientists credit synthetic aperture radar imagery from the European Space Agency with making possible new ways to depict earthquake fault zones and uncovering unusual earthquake-related...

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Apres le déluge: ERS and Envisat imagery contribute to European flood relief

27 August 2002

As cleanup efforts begin in the wake of the devastating flooding of Europe's Elbe River, satellite imagery is providing crisis managers and other civil agencies with a new tool not only for ...

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Envisat's night eye supports icebound ship rescue in Antarctica

02 August 2002

A German supply vessel and its crew are stuck in Antarctica until October after severe winds and ice fields 7 metres high forced an Argentinian rescue ship to retreat. A radar image from ESA's ...

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Envisat's MERIS captures image of Hurricane Elida

30 July 2002

The Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS) onboard ESA's Envisat environmental satellite captured this dramatic image of Hurricane Elida off the west coast of Mexico on 25 July 2002.

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