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2008 ozone hole larger than last year

08 October 2008

The 2008 ozone hole – a thinning in the ozone layer over Antarctica – is larger both in size and ozone loss than 2007 but is not as large as 2006. Ozone is a protective atmospheric layer...

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Hurricane Ike tracked by ESA’s Envisat

12 September 2008

Residents along the Gulf Coast are bracing for Hurricane Ike as it travels over the Gulf of Mexico after ripping through Cuba and Haiti. ESA’s Envisat satellite is tracking the storm, which is...

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Arctic ice on the verge of another all-time low

03 September 2008

Following last summer's record minimum ice cover in the Arctic, current observations from ESA's Envisat satellite suggest that the extent of polar sea-ice may again shrink to a level very close to ...

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Proceedings of the First Joint ALOS PI Symposium

28 August 2008

The 1st joint international ALOS PI Symposium was held in Kyoto, Japan in November 2007. The aim of the event was to exchange views on the technical and scientific issues on the data, the satellite...

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ESA meets increasing demand for Earth observation data

31 July 2008

Earth observation satellite data have never been in more demand than today as missions have demonstrated their ability to enable better understanding and improved management of the Earth and its ...

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GOCE begins its journey to launch site

30 July 2008

GOCE is currently scheduled for launch on the 10 September 2008 from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia.

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Air Quality Forecasts for China

22 July 2008

Three-day advanced forecasts in the Beijing urban area are made available as part of the Dragon-2 Programme, a joint undertaking between ESA and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of ...

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