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SUN Microsystems promotes BEAM - Java Advanced Imaging API In Action

04 September 2003

SUN Microsystems has included BEAM development in the category "Java Advanced Imaging API Customer Success Stories". ...

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Early validation results for MERIS

15 July 2003

Validation activities are ongoing for the MERIS mission, which are illustrated in the article by two examples selected amongst the various efforts that are presently pooled together in order to ...

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14 July 2003

Two years after the first workshop, as the Gravity Field and Steady-state Ocean Circular Explorer (GOCE) mission is nearing its launch, the European Space Agency (ESA) is organising its second ...

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ESA releases MERIS Level 2 products

07 July 2003

ESA announces the release of the MERIS Level 2 products to the PI's, as a result of the satisfactory advancement of the verification and validation activities. The news attachment contains the ...

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