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Swell tracking from ASAR data

23 June 2008

Storm swells – a succession of large, long waves – are surprise factors that can have deadly consequences when they break on the shoreline. As they are generally preceded by calm water, ...

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Wilkins Ice Shelf experiences further break-up

13 June 2008

Wilkins Ice Shelf has experienced further break-up with an area of about 160 km² breaking off from 30 May to 31 May 2008. ESA’s Envisat satellite captured the event – the first ...

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EarthCARE satellite contract signed

27 May 2008

The European Space Agency and Astrium GmbH have today signed a contract worth €263 million to provide the EarthCARE satellite, the sixth Earth Explorer mission of ESA’s Living Planet ...

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September launch for ESA's gravity mission GOCE

27 May 2008

A new launch date has been set for GOCE. The change of date is due to precautionary measures taken after the malfunction of an upper-stage section of a Russian Proton launcher. Now confirmed not to...

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Arctic explorer delivers unique snow-depth data for CryoSat

23 May 2008

A 106-day trek across the Arctic -relying on Envisat images to guide through disintegrating sea-ice- allowed to collect a unique set of snow-depth measurements.

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Scientists endure Arctic for last campaign prior to CryoSat-2 launch

20 May 2008

An international group of scientists has swapped their comfortable offices for one of the most inhospitable environments on the planet to carry out a challenging field campaign that is seen as key ...

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GlobColour: ESA contributes to ocean carbon cycle research

05 May 2008

To support ocean carbon cycle research, ESA’s GlobColour project has merged 55 terabytes of data from three state-of-the-art instruments aboard different satellites, including MERIS aboard ...

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