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Satellites help locate water in Niger

19 January 2009

Like most sub-Saharan African countries, Niger faces problems meeting its water needs. As part of ESA’s TIGER initiative, satellite data are being used to identify surface and underground ...

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ISSI’s Annual Call for Study Teams is open now!

16 January 2009

The International Space Science Institute (ISSI, Bern, Switzerland) has released on 16 January 2009 its annual Call for interdisciplinary science teams which also includes Earth observation science...

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Landmark year ahead for Earth observation science missions

16 January 2009

With three Earth Explorer satellites set to launch this year, another three under construction and up to three more about to be selected for feasibility study, 2009 promises to be a significant ...

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ESA satellites flying in formation

03 December 2008

Based on the outstanding success of the first tandem mission between ERS-2 and Envisat last year, ESA has paired the two satellites together again to help improve our understanding of the planet.

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ESA fostering the next generation of Earth scientists

20 November 2008

ESA has launched a new initiative – the Changing Earth Science Network – to support young scientists undertaking leading-edge research activities aimed at advancing our understanding of ...

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Understanding snow in depth – ESA paves the way

18 November 2008

An ESA campaign carried out in Austria has demonstrated how snow, a key component in the Earth's water cycle and important source of fresh water, can be measured from space using radar. The ...

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Satellites helping aid workers in Honduras

05 November 2008

Humanitarian aid workers responding to devastating flooding in Honduras have received assistance from space, with satellite images of affected areas provided rapidly following activation of the ...

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