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Save the date: Earth Explorer 9 User Consultation Meeting

30 January 2019

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The date has been set for the Earth observation science community to come together and discuss the merits of the two satellite concepts competing to be ESA's next Earth Explorer.

The series of Earth Explorer missions use innovative measurement techniques to yield new insight into different aspects of the Earth system and the interactions that bind the system as a whole.

ESA's Director of Earth Observation Programmes, Josef Aschbacher, notes, "These cutting-edge missions address questions that have a direct bearing on issues that humankind is facing now and will face in the future such as the availability of food, water, energy, natural resources, public health and climate change.

"Earth Explorers make an important contribution in the quest to understand how our world is changing and the impact humanity is having on its delicate balance.

"While these missions advance science, they also test new space technologies. For example, Aeolus, which we launched last year and is hailed a ground-breaking mission, uses remarkable laser technology – the very first of its kind – to measure the wind. These measurements are much-needed to improve weather forecasts.

"We are very proud that Earth Explorers are considered to be among the best Earth observation satellite missions in the world – and we look forward to realising the ninth in the series."

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