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Proba-V raises the bar

05 May 2017

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Proba-V was launched on 07 May 2013 in Kourou, New Guinea. Four years after launch the mission is still operating nominally and is raising the bar by extending its operational services until the end of 2019.

The platform availability is still of superior quality with no signs of degradation, geometric and radiometric performances are well within requirements and all infrastructure and protocols are in perfect condition. All the more reason to keep observing the Earth and providing valuable EO data to more than 800 institutions or companies, representing more than 100 nationalities.

Proba-V plays a key role for testing the synergistic use of medium and high resolution satellites as well as sensor inter-calibration, Cal/Val and performance assessments. Additionally, the mission's 100m products fill a niche of interest between high resolution sensors with a lower revisit time (Landsat and Sentinel-2) and moderate resolution sensors with a daily global coverage (e.g. MODIS or Proba-V 300m/1km products). Several studies have also shown the potential of data fusion techniques, jointly using high and medium spatial resolutions satellites.

To celebrate the mission anniversary and its extension, VITO have released a series of time-lapses demonstrating Proba-V's contribution to following changes on Earth since 2013.

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