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ALOS processing on the fly

30 March 2017

Following major development activities, which caused data access unavailability over the last months, ESA has now made all of its archived data from the PALSAR instrument available again. The new ground segment architecture allows for faster data access, as data requested by the user will be provided out of the archive and processed "on the fly". No more manual intervention for processing will be necessary on ESA's side. WB1 PALSAR data will become available in the next months.

In order to guarantee good data quality, a two-month quality control campaign has been carried out on more than one thousand products generated with the new chain and a three-month beta testing has been conducted. Small issues which were detected have already been fixed on the processing system.

ESA ALOS AVNIR and PRISM data had already been bulk-processed at Level 1B, and the production of Level 1C data will start next week. All of these data will undergo systematic quality checks before the release, which is planned for Q3 2017.

Further details on the ALOS PALSAR FBS, FBD and PLR products and access is available online.