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Sentinel-3A fully tanked

03 February 2016

With the launch of Sentinel-3A confirmed for 16 February, preparations for liftoff are charging full speed ahead. The tricky task of fuelling the satellite has now been ticked off the 'to do list' and the propulsion team is already decontaminating their equipment before returning home.

Copernicus "Call for Interest" survey for the User Requirements Gathering for the Next Generation Copernicus Space Component

02 February 2016

The European Commission is responsible for establishing the future evolution for the Copernicus Space Component. To support and feed into this process the Commission is currently gathering the user requirements for the next-generation Copernicus Space Component via an online survey.

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SMOS gets help from Tibet

29 January 2016

Ground measurements are essential for making sure that satellites deliver accurate information about our changing world. Although the Tibetan Plateau may not seem the obvious place to take such readings, this remote location is being used to check on ESA's SMOS satellite.

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ISSI/ISSI-BJ Joint Call for Proposals 2016 for International Teams in Space and Earth Sciences

19 January 2016

The International Space Science Institute (ISSI) in Bern, Switzerland, and ISSI-BJ in Beijing, China, invite proposals for establishing International Teams to conduct on its premises research activities in Space Sciences, based on the interdisciplinary analysis and evaluation of data from spacecraft and possible integration with ground data and theoretical models.

  • Letter of Intent deadline: 18 February 2016
  • Deadline for proposals: 31 March 2016

EOLI-SA - New version 9.6.4 released

15 January 2016

A new version of the EOLI-SA Catalogue and Ordering tool (v 9.6.4) has been released and is available for download on the EOLI-SA web page.

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Rise and shine for Sentinel-3A

14 January 2016

Following the Christmas break, the Sentinel-3A satellite has been taken out of its storage container and woken up as the campaign to prepare it for launch resumes at the Russian Plesetsk cosmodrome. Liftoff is set for 4 February.