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Deimos-1 and 2 data available

05 August 2016

The Deimos-1 and Deimos-2 mission archive and new acquisitions are now available for research and application development.

GOSAT FTS L1B NRT (L1X) now available

04 August 2016

ESA is pleased to announce the online availability for immediate download of the GOSAT FTS L1B Near Real Time products, called FTS L1X products.

ALOS PALSAR data will be available for users end 2016/early 2017

04 August 2016

ESA is developing a new ground segment to offer ALOS users the possibility to have online access to the ALOS full mission data. Some technical issues have delayed the developments for the PALSAR chain. Therefore, unfortunately, the service cannot be re-opened in Q3 2016, as planned initially, but it will be opened at the end of 2016/early 2017.

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Aladin wind probe ready for Aeolus

02 August 2016

It has been years in the making, but one of the trickiest pieces of space technology ever developed is finally ready to join its satellite for launch by the end of next year. With this milestone, we are another step closer to a better understanding of Earth's winds.

New service open to (A)SAR data users: ESA's Envisat ASAR Image Mode archive released for On-The-Fly data download

28 July 2016

As previously anticipated, ESA has implemented a significant improvement for users to obtain (A)SAR data products.

The new On-The-Fly (OTF) service enables users to trigger (A)SAR L1 data processing and data download directly from ESA's complete archive.

Envisat MERIS RR data - Change of access with new MERCI service

27 June 2016

MERIS users are informed that the full mission Envisat MERIS Reduced Resolution (RR) datasets have been migrated to the ESA EO centralised dissemination service with online access through a new release of MERCI integrated in the EO Single Sign-On (EO-SSO) architecture.