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Belgium: heavy rain causes floods

25 September 1998

First ERS-2 multitemporal image of Bruxelles with heavy rainfall on cultivated surrounding areas.

GOME products level 1- 4

22 September 1998

The description of GOME products has been completed. The description of the Near-Real-Time fast delivery products is included.

Oceanic Internal Waves detection with remote sensing

14 September 1998

Internal Waves cond325

China : Yangtze River flood images (July-August 1998)

25 August 1998

First ERS-2 multitemporal images of 200 km Southwest of Wuhan, one of the cities most damaged by the August 1998 floods along the Yangtze River in China.

SAR PRI product calibration document updated

31 July 1998

The document 'Derivation of the Backscattering Coefficient Sigma-Nought in ESA ERS SAR PRI Products' written by H.Laur, P.Bally, P.Meadows, J.Sanchez, B.Schaettler, E.Lopinto has been updated. Find it among SAR instrument documents. Full text is available online.

INSI: more images and map available

29 July 1998

The recently introduced interferometry quicklook pages have been enhanced with more data and a zoomable world map. Find new images on China, Australia, Israel and Turkey. An image interpretation field has been introduced so that users can send their own views. The most interesting ones will be published in the INSI pages.

ERS-1&2 Earth coverage in Tandem mode filtered by baseline

28 July 1998

New view of the ERS-1&2 tandem acquisition archive plots to ease the selection of data for different applications. Three different baseline domains have been applied in the filtering : see ascending and descending acquisition plots with baseline values in the range 0-49, 50-150 and 151-600 m.

GOME Near-Real-Time Service: coverage increased

13 July 1998

Thanks to the inclusion of data acquired at Gatineau and Maspalomas ground-stations, the GOME Near real time Services (level 2 and 4) now provide GOME total ozone columns of 13 orbits out of 14 per day. The implementation of format changes and the delivery of EGOI (Extracted GOME Instrument Header Data) products in three segments via land-line to ESA-ESRIN has made this improvement possible.

Better ozone retrieval with new channel separation on GOME

10 June 1998

GOME channel 1 separation at detector pixel 880 has been replaced by a new separation at pixel 655 on June 6th 1998. The new channel separation gives the possibility to reduce the integration time for the measurements above 283 nm (channel 1 operates at 240 - 312 nm). The S/N ratio of this part of the spectrum and the spatial resolution - essential for ozone profile retrieval - are thus improved.

Fires in Mexico and Central America

05 June 1998

Find more night time images derived from ATSR nadir view calibrated data.

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