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ERS-2 Libreville acquisition campaign - end May 1999

05 May 1999

The Libreville/Gabon mobile station will be operated for a short acquisition campaign from May 21st to June 2nd 1999. Any acquisition request over West and Central Africa should be rapidly sent to the ERS Consortium or - for ESA PI's - through the Help&Mail facility on this site.

ATSR UBT product no longer available

03 May 1999

The ATSR UBT product is no longer available as from May 1999. The ATSR GBT product (equivalent to the ATSR-UBT but with a geometric correction) can be used instead. See also ATSR instrument. Contact our Helpdesk for more information (use the helpandmail facility on this server).

Interferometric images of European cities

28 April 1999

London, Venice, Paris, Moscow and more European cities can be seen through the ERS-1 & 2 SAR tandem mission displayed in the INSI pages. User comments on what they can detect from "their" own favourite city are welcome. The most interesting ones will be published on the image interpretation pages.

Key information; input of ERS-AO3 reports

26 April 1999

Public key information about the ESA AO* Programmes and a brief description of all accepted AO-3 projects are available now. Moreover, through a personal password, ESA AO-3 Principal Investigators can find "Reporting Guidelines" and directly submit there their project reports and any other related information. For more details contact our Helpdesk.

ATSR imagery service: Mt. Cameroon eruption

15 April 1999

The volcano Mt. Cameroon went to eruption on 28 March 1999 and since then, lava flows continue to progress. The ATSR instrument (on-board the ERS-2 satellite) which is very sensitive to high temperature shows the exact location of the event.

World surface temperatures Atlas - Demo CD

14 April 1999

Two years land surface temperatures products from the AVHRR sensor* have been issued on a CD-ROM available upon request from our Helpdesk. Produced by ESA, the CD contains excerpts from the full resolution land surface temperature (1 km pixel) data set over Europe, as well as so-called world monthly  "climatic values" (0.5°x 0.5° grid). Processed data goes from July 1992 - to June 1993. More details and direct CD order (free of charge - see 'mixed purpose software'). *Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) sensor on board the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminitration (NOAA) series of Polar Orbiters.

'Retrieval of Bio & Geo-physical parameters from SAR Data for Land Application'

12 April 1999

2nd International Workshop Proceedings (SP-441). Details and order (614 pages).

Workshop Proceedings on Scatterometer Applications

12 April 1999

The applications of scatterometer data products known until end of 1998 are reviewed in the ESA publication 'Emerging Scatterometer Applications' ( SP-424 ). Details and order (304 pages).

ERS-1 & 2 Tandem mode 1995-1998: full maps display

08 April 1999

Now 121 Maps showing the ERS world-wide coverage in tandem mode can be viewed directly on this site. Both ascending and descending passes are given. ZIP version also available.

Descw version 4.11

01 April 1999

The newly introduced DESCW 4.10 family has been upgraded with handier activation of 'Time Difference' across Missions and 'Selected frame' highlight from the Zoom window. Also the ATSR visibility and Baseline windows have been modified. To take advantage of the features the Software part 1 and 2 (files data1.z and data2.z ) should be downloaded fresh.

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