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Opening of the AO3

09 October 1997

The new ERS-2 Announcement of Opportunity is now open.

Instrument performance monitoring upgraded

07 October 1997

Two maps showing the 23.8 and 36.5 GHz brightness temperatures measured over the South Pole have been added to the Microwave Sounder Performance monitoring service.

Italy Earthquake Special Acquisition Planning

02 October 1997

A complete ERS-1 and 2 coverage over the earthquake affected areas in Umbria and Le Marche (Italy) is planned until end of October.

Special Acquisition Planning 22/9/97 - 27/10/97

19 September 1997

A new ERS-1and 2 Tandem Campaign scheduled for 35 days

ERS-2 FD products transmission : software upgrade

04 September 1997

The WMO FM94 BUFR format used to encode and decode the ERS-2 Low Bit Rate Fast Delivery products over the WMO GTS (World Meteorological Organisation Global Telecommunications System) will be upgraded in 2 months time. Concerned users will be contacted as appropriate. The new version affects the SAR wave UWA products yet it is strongly recommended to adopt it as well for the UWI and URA products (issued respectively by the Scatterometer and the Radar Altimeter).

New: English / Spanish versions of the documents

21 August 1997

The Use and Applications of ERS in Latin America. Image Processing Techniques, both available on order.

Enhanced Service on Eastern Europe Flood Imaging.

19 August 1997

The satellite images of the Austrian, Czech, German and Polish latest floods made available on Internet almost in real-time when they started late July 97 now constitute a true dossier. Find now more sophisticated images, extended legends, map availability and more navigation facilities. See the Earthwatching Service on this Server (new data is currently added almost daily).


19 August 1997

The Fringe 96 Workshop on ERS SAR Interferometry - now in the Interferometry Documents section. The abstracts and papers may be viewed online.

New documentation sections

18 August 1997

See the new documentation sections for Glaciology and Oceanography.

Product prices

12 August 1997

Prices of Remote Sensing Products (as approved by ESA) can be found for the ERS-1 and 2 SAR instrument, the ERS-1 and 2 low bit rate instruments, the "experimental missions" instruments and the JERS-1 instruments.

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