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Envisat: ESA's continuous efforts to regain contact with the satellite

25 April 2012

Following the loss of communications with the Envisat satellite on 8 April 2012, attempts have continued to re-contact the satellite, without success so far.

Investigations are being performed to interpret information on the spacecraft status collected over the last weeks. The information gathered is used to identify whether the spacecraft can receive telemetry commands as, in parallel to the investigations, attempts are being made to send ground commands to the satellite.

While a maximum of effort and investigation is done to resolve this major anomaly, the chances to recover the satellite's control are slim.

ESA continues to analyse all possible means to mitigate the impact of the data gaps with the Sentinel missions which shall continue Envisat data supply. The Envisat satellite has in any case already doubled its expected operations lifetime and a plethora of archived data are today available for exploitation by scientists and researchers worldwide.

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Investigation on Envisat continues.