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ɸ-week kicks off

12 November 2018

With satellites delivering a mindboggling amount of data about our planet along with the availability of the latest digital technologies, there are countless opportunities for innovation. ESA's ɸ-week, which kicked off today, explores how this new world can be embraced to bring even more benefits to all.

In his opening address, ESA Director General, Jan Wörner, said, "If you look up the meaning of ɸ there is a long explanation, but at the end it says ‘ɸ is also used as a symbol for the golden ratio and on other occasions for maths and science' and I would now add, ‘and in space' – space for the future.

The week-long event has drawn hundreds of people from numerous disciplines to explore innovation, new technologies and cross disciplinary cooperation – to see how satellite data and new technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain can benefit business, industry and science, and also ESA.

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