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ADM-Aeolus CAL/VAL Workshop

13 December 2016

ESA is pleased to announce the 'ADM-Aeolus Cal/Val Rehearsal Workshop' that will be held at the Centre International de Conférences in Toulouse, France, from 28 to 30 March 2017. The workshop is co-organised by ESA and MeteoFrance and supported by CNES; its objective is to prepare the Aeolus CAL/VAL activities and teams for the Aeolus launch in late 2017.

Carrying pioneering ultraviolet lasers, Aeolus will be the first satellite to probe the wind globally. These vertical slices through the atmosphere, along with information on aerosols and clouds, will advance our knowledge of atmospheric dynamics and contribute to climate research. Since Aeolus will deliver measurements almost in real time, it is also set to provide much-needed information to improve weather forecasts.

During the workshop, the organisation and readiness of the ADM-Aeolus CAL/VAL activities and teams will be detailed and exercised. These activities will be instrumental to the mission calibration and validation in-flight, and are launched to ensure and demonstrate that ADM-Aeolus will meet its mission requirements. ESA is currently implementing the Doppler Wind Lidar mission 'ADM-Aeolus' as part of its Living Planet Programme.

Interested users are requested to register before the deadline of 1 February 2017

Find out more at the ADM-Aeolus CAL/VAL Rehearsal Workshop website.